Great service isn't a thing of the past

Chris Ohanian, founder and owner of Infinity Global Travel, is personally involved with the daily servicing of the agency's clients. He brings over 30 years of experience in the travel industry. His background in travel started in New York City in 1980, working for a vacation-oriented travel agency. He then moved on to corporate travel and his client list has over the years included frequent travelers like Walter Cronkite and David Simon (creator of The Wire). In 1986, he and his family relocated to Baltimore, where he continued his career in travel. During this time, he continued to service both corporate and vacation clients. In 1998, Chris opened Infinity Global Travel, which is located in the Evapco Corporate Headquarters building in Taneytown. 

You've got a lot of choices for how to book your travel. Infinity Global Travel offers an advantage that impersonal chain agencies discarded long ago and a computer screen can't offer -- outstanding service.