Discount Airport Parking courtesy of
Infinity Global Travel

We recommend Airport Fast Park for fast, professional airport parking. Use this coupon to receive their lowest corporate rate.
We use Airport Fast Park ...They're Great!

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Airport Fast Park Amenities

  No Reservations Required
  Express Lanes
  Ticketless Entry &  Exit
  Free Shuttle To / From BWI
  On-Line Account Access
  Luggage Assistance
  Frequent Parker Program 
  Complimentary Newspapers
(while supplies last)
  No Walking or Waiting 
Fenced & Lit

Company Code
If you opt to enroll in the program via the Airport Fast Park website, you will be prompted for the Company Code listed below. You must enter this code in order to receive the discounted rate associated with your Company.
You will only be prompted for this code if you enroll via the Airport Fast Park website
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